Choosing the Right Sign Company


Company signs and marquees are a critical aspect of your company’s image to its customers, vendors and employees. Vogue Signs understands the significant aspects of this responsibility and takes great pride in our design, workmanship and quality.

Choosing a sign company involves more than just the sign and the price. For your own protection and safety, Vogue encourages you to make sure the sign company you choose can provide the following:

  • CONTRACTOR’S LICENSE: State Law requires all sign companies to have a valid Contractor’s License. Electrical sign companies must have a C45 Electrical Sign Contractor’s License. This License Number must be clearly stated on all advertisements, quotes, contracts and vehicles. Vogue Signs’ C45 Contractor’s License Number is 83204.
  • WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION INSURANCE:  For your own protection, the workmen who show up to install your sign should be employees of the sign company and be able to provide proof of Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Should an installer injure themselves on your property without Workman’s Compensation Insurance, you leave yourself vulnerable to an injury lawsuit. Vogue Sign Company has Workman’s Compensation Insurance for all employees.
  • U.L. CERTIFIED: This is critical if you are purchasing an illuminated sign. All electrical signs should be UL Listed and Approved for fire safety. Be sure that your electrical sign uses only UL Listed parts and is manufactured and by a UL Approved company. Should a fire occur because of an illuminated sign that was not manufactured by a UL Approved company, your insurance company could have the option of denying your claim. A UL Approved electrical sign will ALWAYS have a UL Sticker plainly visible. Vogue Signs is a Licensed UL manufacturer and uses only UL Approved components.
  • PERMITS:  In nearly every case, placing a sign on the outside of your business will require a permit from the city where you are located. Installing a sign without the appropriately issued permits can result in fines, compliance changes or even forced removal of the sign. Vogue Signs’ over 40 years of business and respected reputation with local governments assures you of a highly regarded advocate in obtaining the appropriate permits before installation.

Vogue Signs appreciates this opportunity to serve your visual communication needs. We look forward to assisting you in this most important decision.

Our design staff will work with you from concept to completion. Whether our designers develop your sign solution, or we work with your design or architectural firm, our goal remains consistent; the manufacture and installation of your "face" to the world to your complete satisfaction.

We have full service aluminum, sheet metal, plastic, vinyl, wood, electrical and paint departments which allows us to manufacture the following:  

  • Pylon Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Cabinet Signs
  • Channel Letters
  • Sandblasted Redwood Signs
  • Foam Signs
  • Digital Vinyl Graphics

All our Electric Signs are UL Certified.

We are totally dedicated to the manufacturing of only the highest quality signs in the industry. Our workmanship is always GUARANTEED!